Mediation is the process where parties to a dispute are able to work out an agreement between themselves rather than having a judge determine the outcome for them. This is different than a settlement negotiation, because the parties to the dispute present their issues to an individual called a mediator, who helps the parties in an effort to come to an agreement.  Mediation is ideally suited for those parties who don’t want to deal with the uncertainty of a judge’s ruling or for those parties who seek to have a working relationship in the future.  It is also a very effective way to settle your dispute in private while incurring a fraction of the cost of going to trial

Don’t go into mediation alone. Hudson, Reed & Christiansen, PLLC provides mediation services for a wide variety of disputes, ranging from divorces to corporate transactions. If you seek the services of an experienced mediator, ask to speak to Rule 31 Certified mediators Roger Hudson and Randall Mantooth.  Both Mr. Hudson and Mr. Mantooth have practiced law for 30 plus years.  They have the experience to understand the substance of your case and the seasoned experienced to help get it settled.

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