Land Use & Zoning Law

Zoning is when a local government designates permitted uses of certain parcels of land. The local government—city or county—will designate various zones for different uses of land, such as industrial, agricultural, commercial, and residential.  Zoning is also commonly used to dictate the types of buildings that can be built in certain districts or areas, such as high-density housing, high-rises, maximum height restrictions, etc.

Our lawyers have experience going to meetings of local governments.  If you believe you were wronged by a city or county with regard to a request from a planning commission or board of zoning appeals, our lawyers have experience taking these matters to court to further protect your rights in your land.

Whether you want our help before you go to the planning commission meeting or after you go to the planning commission meeting, our lawyers have experience in helping our clients protect their rights to use their land.

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