Estate Planning - Wills & Probate

Estate planning includes the drafting of Last Wills and Testaments, Trusts, and other documents to help you direct what happens after death.  Whether you have a modest estate or a sizeable and complex estate, our attorneys can help design an estate plan unique to your situation.

Probate law is the legal process for transferring assets after death.  Whether your loved one had a Last Will and Testament or not, our lawyers can help during this difficult time to make the transfer of assets as simple for you as possible.  In Tennessee, an estate is opened and supervised by a Court.

Probate law also includes contesting a Last Will & Testament.  If you feel that someone improperly changed your loved one’s Will or coerced your loved one to change their Will when they were not competent to do so, our lawyers can help analyze your case and protect your family’s assets.  If someone is challenging a will that you wish to probate, we can also help ensure that the will is probated, and your loved one’s wishes are followed.

Whether you are wanting to plan for the future or need to probate a will, our compassionate and thoughtful attorneys are here to help.

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