General Civil Litigation & Appellate Law

Trials in a court of law are governed by various rules of civil procedure and evidence, with the judge playing the role of referee.  Also, you should know that not every lawyer has experience in the courtroom.  It is important that your lawyer be accustomed to local court practice and regularly appear before local Judges.  When you need to litigate a dispute in the courtroom, you need someone with experience and knowledge of the local, state, and federal litigation rules.  The typical trial involves what can be an extensive but important process of acquiring evidence through the discovery process, which involves answering written questions and taking oral testimony called depositions, issuing subpoenas, reviewing records, filing motions, and ultimately trying your case before a Judge and/or jury.

Our experienced attorneys have tried personal injury cases, business and contract disputes, employment matters, regulatory and zoning cases, domestic relations cases, construction and home defect cases, and many others at various levels of courts, both trial and appellate, in the state of Tennessee and at the federal level.  We know the process and we are here to be an advocate for you at any stage in your case.

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